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Outline of services offered

The services include:


  1. Creating, delivering, monitoring and reviewing IT and Information Strategy
  2. Managing successful Projects and Programs
  3. Advice on business, academic and research systems
  4. Supplier management including EU procurement
  5. Advice on managing risk
  6. Leadership and delivery of successful change management programs
  7. Implementing service management and continual improvement
  8. Delivering Facility Managed and Cloud Services
  9. Advice on Budgeting and Cost management
  10. Advice on Information and Security Governance


Creating, delivering, monitoring and reviewing IT and Information Strategy

Organisations face an increasing pace of change through a range of internal and external factors.  They need to develop IT and Information strategies which enhance performance and which embrace new technologies including mobile, social, cloud and analytics.  Technology can increase efficiency and effectiveness, as well as delivering USP through innovation.


My experience includes creating, delivering, monitoring and reviewing successful IT and Information strategies and major IT investment programs.


Managing successful Projects and Programs

Projects are about managing risk and delivering successful outcomes.  This is achieved by ensuring that the four basic elements of a project - scope, resources, time and money are being effectively managed.  With formal qualifications in project management, as well as over thirty years’ project experience, I can deliver successful outcomes.


My experience has been gained through professional project management frameworks.  My real-life experience includes the art and science of delivering successful quality outcomes on time, on budget.  I have also led an organisation-wide approach to project management (using a derivative of PRINCE 2), to manage increased levels of risk during a period of significant new investment.


Advice on business, academic and research systems

My experience includes managing all aspects of business critical IT systems and processes for a research-led University.  As technology lead for the “Changing Learning Landscapes” initiative, procured and delivered a wide range of learning and teaching systems for a digital campus. Experience includes support for international research teams in delivery of wide-ranging IT systems including High Performance Computing, highly sensitive and confidential research, through to research administration systems.


Supplier management including EU procurement

Procured goods and services can comprise at least 40% of your costs. The challenges for procurement include securing best value, mitigating against complex reputational and legal risks, and dealing with product proliferation and globalisation.


My experience includes managing customer and third party supplier relationships, through the full life-cycle procurement including EU legislation to drive best value.  I have effective links with professional bodies, and with a wide range of Universities, potential business partners and regional organisations.  My experience enables me to potentially generate revenue and collaboration ideas to add business value.  


Advice on managing risk

In today’s environment, it takes a combination of strategic advice and innovative solutions to manage risk and ensure business resiliency.


My experience includes responsibility for business and continuity planning as well as crisis management in real world environments.


Leadership and delivery of successful change management programs

Organisational change often involves tackling cultural issues - the way we do things round here. Technology can often be a driver for change, and provides a potential catalyst for reviewing processes to achieve the very best value from your investment.


My experience includes leadership of strategic change and effective collaboration within complex organisations.  For example, I led the introduction of a one-stop-shop student service (The Hub) and the development of the content for a £5M atrium building project.  These Two examples involved significant organisational change, new digital systems and working closely with Estates and contractors. 


Implementing service management and continual improvement

Many IT organisations have already reviewed approaches and adopted global industry best practice for service management (ITIL).  Service management however, applies to any part of your organisation providing a service, and this provides potential opportunities for providing a more seamless customer experience.


My experience includes providing customer service systems in European markets which significantly improved customer satisfaction ratings.  I used this knowledge to introduce the first help desk into a University, which was subsequently developed and merged as a single point of contact for all customer requests and issues.  This service is now supported by "cloud based" technology and is coordinated with two other service areas - HR and Estates.  I am passionate about continually improving customer experience and I am proud that my teams have significantly increased student satisfaction (as measured by the NSS surveys) and have consistently measured exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.


Delivering Facility Managed and Cloud Services

Most organisations have already deployed a hybrid approach combining the best of in-house, facility managed and cloud based services.  The trend towards outsourcing continues at pace to deliver the 24x7x365 customer experience.


My experience includes successful migration of key services to cloud technologies, for example Microsoft Office365, CRM systems (Azorus) and service management systems (Servicenow), and externally hosted services, for example all aspects of a Virtual and Mobile Learning Environment.


Advice on Budgeting and Cost management

Leaders need to ensure effective departmental and project cost control.  They expect effective planning and management of resources to reduce risk.


With a proficient understanding of budgetary processes and financial accounting procedures, my experience includes management of £multi-million budgets.  This has included securing annual savings through negotiation of IT and support contracts, where it has been possible to achieve significant and auditable negotiated contract savings.


Information and Security Governance

A survey of IT leaders at 50 UK universities found that almost all – 87 per cent – had experienced at least one successful cyber-attack, such as the distributed denial of service attack that brought down the nationwide JANET network in 2015.  There are also reputational and legal implications, for example relating to Freedom of Information and Data Protection. Putting in place appropriate information governance and security arrangements can help to mitigate these risks.

My experience includes putting in place appropriate and cost-effective controls to protect information assets against perceived threats, and internal audit evidence that they are operating as expected. This includes appropriate technical, physical and procedural controls which have been built into the IT lifecycle.

These and related services can be delivered through consultancy activity and interim management roles.


 I am also interested in further developing a portfolio of non-exec and voluntary activities.

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